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LATEST EPISODE: 3 Day Induction

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About FATdoctor

I am Dr. Gregory Oliver, the fat doctor at FatDoctorTV. Like you, I have struggled with weight gain and obesity through my adult life. I practice family medicine in Indianapolis, IN and for 27 years have advised, encouraged, coached, and assisted my patients in losing weight. During this time I too have lost weight, gained weight, lost weight and lived the daily frustrations of being over fat. It’s time for change! If you are in the surrounding area of Indianpolis, IN we would love to see you in our office. For more information and to shop online visit www.ijustcantloseweight.com!

Featured Videos

Excusitis – Episode #3
Excusitis – Episode #3

October 07, 2010

We dive deeper into the real reasons for your weight gain and how to combat the every day struggles.

CATEGORY: Motivation

Intro FatDoctor
Intro FatDoctor

September 15, 2010

Introduction to Fatdoctor.tv

CATEGORY: Diet, Exercise, Health, Motivation, Weigh-in